What’s Next


So many ideas running thru my big head lately.  Lots of writing, lots of videos to shoot, not enough time in the day… the story of my life.  I’ve been getting a lot of networking established because I really do want to take my comedy career to the next level and I’m hoping within the next few days to hear some Earth-shaking (for me anyway) news & confirmation.  Looking to hit the ACME Comedy Club open mic on the 18th to get some stage time.  Coming up next is a quick video shoot for an idea I came up with yesterday and then get the Untitled Red Lake Internet Talk Show up & running again.  Also have some video skits I want to shoot with the 94 WARRIORS bros once we can all get together for once and hopefully get the next BAttle River DVD rolling this spring.  My equipment is in need of a serious upgrade soon to top it off.  With my campaign for Red Lake Nation tribal chairman now suspended indefinitely, I’ll have more free time to be awesome (or as awesome as my lameness can get). So watch out for all of that!

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