The Humble Journey

It’s been an awesome 2 months of comedy! Met some nice people, saw beautiful places, and shared my stories I thought people would never want to hear. It has truly been a humbling experience.

Next stop is at Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, MN for the MIEA Conference Banquet on Thursday, October 27th at 5:30. Please bring your “earmuffs.”


Jonny R. Live

And so ended a mini 3 performances in 4 days comedy/open mic tour. Had a blast at Native Comedy Jam V opening for Ryan McMahon & the 1491s and got some stage time in Minneapolis at the House of Comedy where I had a decent 5 minute set. The other open mic performance wasn’t worth mentioning. Let’s just say I was humbled. With that being said, I have plenty of dates open for the rest of the year. Call me up, hire me, and let’s get ishy! Miigwech.

Post Columbus Day

So I get to this training and claim the back row of the conference room for the people of the Red Lake Nation. *vicious warhoop* What do these chimooks do? Grab another table and put it behind me!

They’re also coming in late too! Not only are they stealing our land, they also stole my back row of the conference room & stealing Indian Time! Columbus Day, they said.