Rez Comedy Documentary 

Hello all! Today we write to let you know exactly where things are at with the Beautiful Documentary- Rez Comedy. The only thing remaining to finish before the film is released, is the soundtrack! Very soon, Charlie Parr will view the cut of the film, and decide on the score. We are extremely excited to be at this point- and it is thanks to you! Yes you! Thank you!!! Once the score is laced through the picture, we will release it for you to see at a Very special screening. We will notify you very soon of the exact date, time, and location- well before it happens. Our hope is to bring this all together around the Holidays. 
Just so you know, the movie is extremely moving, and extremely funny, and extremely real. We are confident that you will be happy with what we have all created. 
Again, thank you. This has been an amazing adventure, and we look forward to the premiere!


Arcadian Productions

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