It Returns


Saturday’s Rez Life Comedy Show was a classic! Working with Tonia Jo Hall & Rob Fairbanks was an incredible experience. True professionals. Right now, I have NOTHING lined up for the foreseeable future. It’s getting hard for an Ojibwe comic out here. I was supposed to have a performance booked for August 2nd in Minneapolis, but I’m playing a pretty intense game of phone tag since early this month. I hope this comes through soon, I’d love to catch my buddy Byron Graves’ book reading on Friday and an open mic or two. Leading up to Saturday’s show, I was leaning toward taking a break from performing because my last few shows left a bad taste in my mouth. Quite possibly giving it up altogether, but Saturday was such an unbelievable experience and the love for performing is back! The Ojibwe Outlaw is confident in his skills once again.

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