The Summer of Jon

So I’ve come to the conclusion that summer wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped for.  That doesn’t mean it was a failure either.  Most of the time was spent with family, which was good for all of us.  Professionally, it started out slow with one paid show in June and ZERO in July.  But once August hit, the offers start pouring in.  Though I’m not into comedy for the money (yet), I am having fun no matter where I hit the stage and learning.  I’ve had awesome shows, I’ve had so-so, shows & I’ve had bad shows.  This comedy stuff is my outlet.  Whether it’s on stage, Twitter, Facebook (which I’m starting to despise), Instagram or Vine, I enjoy talking shit (other people call it “expressing myself”, I call it “talking shit”) and getting a positive response.  I love it.  

Sometimes I would rather just stay home in the woods and never go out in public.  People change, man.  People are too sensitive.  People are not trustworthy.  People want to use you (“some of them want to be used by you!!!” as Eurythmics taught us).  But thankfully I’m from Red Lake and I’m used to it.  Maybe it’s time to move along.  I can’t hide in the woods forever.  But like with everything else that’s happened in my life, I’ve learned from these experiences.  I will move on from them.  And eventually, I’ll even move away from my little slice of heaven.  

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