The Sabbatical 

I’m taking a break from social media, except for posting links to new episodes of my podcast. Ever since I heard an interview from Sean Parker that said social media is meant to program/exploit the public, I figured its time.  It has done an amazing job so far. But I’m out as of today. I was constantly on my phone & figured it’s time for a change. It should be no problem. So far this year I quit drinking alcohol (8/3/17), quit drinking soda pop (10/26/17) and now social media (12/26/17). During this time I’ll concentrate on writing, reading more books & launching my podcast full time. 

Your pal, 

Jonny R.

Xmas Party Season!

The request line is now open for booking The King of the Knee Slappers/Ojibwe Outlaw for your upcoming Xmas party season! Last year I was getting offers days before the event & one on the day OF the event. My only gigs booked now are 9/30 & 11/9-11/11.